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The Payoff (Totally a bribe)

Some of you may have recently received a special offer from the Print Party. This offer is completely legitimate. Bring your card and take a tour of Print Zoom HQ and you will receive 100 free business cards.

  • You can choose one of the 5 business card styles shown on this page.
  • Or you can create your own with option 6. A template and a spec sheet are provided.
  • Color changes are allowed
  • Font changes are not allowed
  • If you provide a logo, it must be a vector image

The Options

Option 1 - Front

Option 1 - Back

Option 2 - Front

Option 2 - Back

Option 3 - Front

Option 3 - Back

Option 4 - Front

Option 4 - Back

Option 5 - Front

Option 5 - Back

Option 6 – Create Your Own Business Card